Frequently asked questions (and answers) about planning your wedding


Find out what we do as wedding planners

Many couples think that it is very expensive to hire a wedding planner, but that is not actually the case. Each event is built around the particular couple’s budget, but still offers all the beauty and luxury that you want for your wedding day.

By enlisting the help of an event planner, couples save both time and money. If you save time, you save money! Also, an event planner is always there for the couple – as an advisor – from the very beginning of the planning process right up to the end of the wedding day. This is very important, as it relieves the couple from the stress involved in organising the wedding. In this way, they can relax and enjoy the most important day of their lives.

Themed weddings are a new trend which has emerged in Greece in recent years and which first appeared abroad. A themed wedding is organised around a particular colour, for instance the red ribbon on the bride’s dress, and is based on a specific style such as vintage, romantic, traditional or rustic, depending on the season, eg summer wedding, Christmas wedding etc.

Of course you can choose to only use some of our services, such as asking us to arrange one of our experienced partners to provide the decoration and flowers. Also, you can just have an event planner present on the special day, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and stop you from being worried that something is going to go wrong. In general, at Εlapini events we will be there to support you over any doubts you might have and to help you to find solutions in any area connected with your wedding.

Naturally, there is no cost for the first meeting with us as the aim will be to inform you about the services we offer and for us to understand how you see your… dream wedding!

In order to organise a timetable for a wedding and for reception and church venues to be available on the dates you choose, you will have to contact us at least 12 to 9 months before the wedding so that we can begin the preparations.

A common “problem” at weddings and baptisms is how to entertain guests’ children so that their parents can enjoy the reception with their friends. We can arrange this with an entertainer. In this way, the children will spend their time creatively, and their parents and other guests will be able to have a great time without having to watch over their children constantly.