Fairy tale weddings!

Weddings on the Greek islands…

Εlapini events organises weddings on the Greek islands. The company is extremely professional and dedicated and, most importantly, we love what we do.

And how could you not love their work when it makes two people the stars in their own unique fairy tale?

Εlapini events is a new company in the events sector, as it was founded in 2017. Its name comes from the Ancient Greek word “Elapini” which means celebration. In ancient times, a celebration was held before the bride moved from her parent’s house to her new husband’s house. This celebration was called the “elapini”. At Εlapini events we make sure that your wedding day is a wonderful celebration full of joy, love and emotion…




The Aegean island for lovers – a wonderful setting for a wedding.



An idyllic destination for the perfect wedding ceremony.


Chania (Crete)

Romantic Chania – the ideal setting for a wonderful wedding.


«As an Event Planner, my goal is to help young couples to organise an outstandingly beautiful wedding based on their own special love story. To give them my very best advice, always respecting their uniqueness as a couple, to share my fresh, new ideas with them, and to work with them to create their perfect dream wedding!»

-Katerina Antonoyiannaki-


We will organise the perfect wedding for you, and we always respect every couple’s uniqueness and their personalities.

Basically, we arrange your wedding destination in a unique Greek island, specifically in Patmos, Milos or Chania (Crete), and we create a dream setting for your wedding – after all, you deserve it.

Do you dream about a romantic wedding on a picturesque Greek island, by the light of the setting sun? We will make your dream come true. The destination you choose for your wedding, or the destination we choose together, will undoubtedly be a truly special Greek island experience.

Preparation for the wedding

However, setting up your wedding venue and organising all the details for the most important moments of your life takes a great deal of work. Elapini events makes things easier for you at all the stages of your wedding preparations and is committed to creating an imaginative setting and to adding the little details that make all the difference!

And of course, your own personalities will be reflected everywhere! Our aim is to help couples to organise their dream wedding, just the way they want it to be. Your wedding day is “your day” and everything should be based on you and should reflect your own style.


Your wedding on a Greek island. The magic of the wedding service beside the sea. Unique invitations and imaginative favours. Wonderful wedding accessories and inspired photographs. Scented flowers, enchanted wedding ribbons and lace. An impressively decorated reception hall. Wedding guest books. All planned and designed exclusively for you and your guests.